A checklist for your Virtual Board Meeting

A checklist for your Virtual Board Meeting

We suggest the Chairman, Senior Independent Director (SID) and Company Secretary use this checklist to take stock of whether decision-making might have been impaired in the move to virtual board meetings, and if necessary what could be done to reset dynamics.

  • Has the Board held a discussion on its virtual modus operandi and how it could be improved?
  • Has the SID had a conversation recently with the CEO to check how he/she is feeling about the way the Board has been working during the crisis?
  • Is the CEO-Chair relationship working well in supporting the new style of meetings?
  • Is there sufficient time between meetings for management to develop proposals?
  • Is there sufficient time between meetings for management to prepare good papers?
  • Is next year’s calendar blocking out enough time for “reserve” meetings just in case?
  • Could board update meetings be less frequent with better updates provided by email?
  • Are all board members getting the chance to speak, particularly on decisions?
  • Can the more silent members be drawn out more?
  • Are we able to have a proper conversation between directors, as opposed to a series of speeches?
  • Is the Chair encouraging enough informal discussion and debate?
  • Are big decisions being taken by the full board rather than a crisis committee?
  • Is the crisis committee’s reporting to the board sufficient and timely?
  • Can hybrid meetings (some physically present, some attending virtually) be managed so that those attending virtually are not disadvantaged?
  • Does your virtual meeting technology need an upgrade, eg by improving the systems and/or using dual devices or something else?

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