The Effective Board

The Effective Board – A Compendium – 2016

Now coming to the end of its third year, our monthly eBulletin The Effective Board continues to generate a very positive response.  So we thought we’d publish another annual compendium so that you have all the bulletins in one place.

Every month we aim to give boards food for thought by highlighting a topic that they should be tackling – or at least be aware of.  We set out “what good looks like” as well as the sort of bad habits it’s best to avoid.  If you’d like to subscribe to receive The Effective Board by email, please contact us at or go to our website at  And if you have any topics you’d like us to cover, do let us know.

The Effective Board: Cyber risks – what a board should be asking
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The Effective Board: What Does a Good Board Pack Look Like?
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The Effective Board: The Ins and Outs of Private Sessions
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The Effective Board: for the board agenda in 2019
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The Effective Board: Chair role and skills
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Helping you get it right

For us, good governance is about good performance.

Yes, compliance matters.  But our work is about helping you make sure your organisation…is led effectively by a board that adds value…is kept under control through risk management and assurance frameworks that meet your needs…and is “doing the right thing”.