The Effective Board

The Effective Board: Dealing with tax at board level

Thanks to recent controversies, tax is now moving up the board agenda – or should be. Public pressure and NGO noise means a cry of “pay your fair share” could strike at your reputation. And the politicians and authorities will soon get involved. But at the same time shareholders expect a low and competitive tax rate and competitors could be gaining commercial advantage from clever tax planning. Whatever balance is struck between these conflicting pressures, it will be the board’s fault if it goes wrong.
Tax is complex and tricky. So boards can be reluctant to discuss it because most directors aren’t – and don’t want to be – tax experts. But boards don’t need to out-expert their executives to be effective. The key, as with many other technical areas, is to approach it as a managed business process. And to remember that it’s a strategic and risk issue – not just a question of compliance which can be delegated away from the board level.

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