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The Effective Board: Getting comfort over corporate culture and behaviour

Boards all know that having the right culture is a core aspect of managing risk. They know that ethical and behavioural failures can result not only in financial costs but can cause a significant and lasting hit to value. But how many boards (either directly or through their committees) actually take steps to assure themselves that the standards of corporate and individual behaviour are what they think – or hope they are? It’s a squishy sort of issue, but nonetheless regulators are increasingly focussing on it. An effective board will have got there first. So what should be done?


We’ve worked with more than 160 clients. They are mainly FTSE 350 comanies – including 20 from the FTSE 100.

Helping you get it right

For us, good governance is about good performance.

Yes, compliance matters.  But our work is about helping you make sure your organisation…is led effectively by a board that adds value…is kept under control through risk management and assurance frameworks that meet your needs…and is “doing the right thing”.