We’re proud of our efforts to contribute to thinking around governance effectiveness.
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The Effective Board – What a year!

To mark Christmas and the end of the year, for our seasonal issue we’re going to break out of the usual Bulletin format with a quick review of what happened in 2016 – and what boards might learn from them. We don’t claim to have this right, and really just pose a few thoughts to chew over. But one clear message from this year is that it’s worth standing back and asking “what happened there – and could we have been better prepared?”


We’ve worked with more than 160 clients. They are mainly FTSE 350 comanies – including 20 from the FTSE 100.

Helping you get it right

For us, good governance is about good performance.

Yes, compliance matters.  But our work is about helping you make sure your organisation…is led effectively by a board that adds value…is kept under control through risk management and assurance frameworks that meet your needs…and is “doing the right thing”.