The Effective Board

Internal Audit Effectiveness: Getting the most from your external review

A quality assurance and improvement programme should be central to what your internal audit function does. It will enable you not just to comply with the IIA’s International Standards but also drive continuous improvement.  Periodic external reviews are an important part of this. When commissioning an external review of the effectiveness of your department, what do you really need to think about? As a result of our work assessing internal audit functions, we’ve identified a number of factors which can help to get the most out of the review. In this brief we look at the ten most important things to think about, and to do, in anticipation of your review.

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Helping you get it right

For us, good governance is about good performance.

Yes, compliance matters.  But our work is about helping you make sure your organisation…is led effectively by a board that adds value…is kept under control through risk management and assurance frameworks that meet your needs…and is “doing the right thing”.