The Effective Board

Subsidiary Boards – it’s not that simple

We do a lot of work on helping subsidiaries understand their governance objectives and the best approach; we know you can’t just take the Corporate Governance Code and expect subsidiary boards simply to act as lower-level versions of the group board.  So in this webinar we look at questions such as:

Where am I starting from and where am I heading?
What more can i get out of subsidiary governance bodies?
What issues should I be looking at?
What questions should I ask to assess opportunities, value and effectiveness

The Effective Board: Cyber risks – what a board should be asking
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The Effective Board: What Does a Good Board Pack Look Like?
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The Effective Board: The Ins and Outs of Private Sessions
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The Effective Board: for the board agenda in 2019
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The Effective Board: Chair role and skills
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Helping you get it right

For us, good governance is about good performance.

Yes, compliance matters.  But our work is about helping you make sure your organisation…is led effectively by a board that adds value…is kept under control through risk management and assurance frameworks that meet your needs…and is “doing the right thing”.