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A Global Leader in Board Evaluation

Since 2002 we have been helping boards work better.

We get to the heart of what matters to your board members and executives, so they can help management make optimal decisions, improve strategic performance, and tackle their most pressing business challenges.

Evaluations That Meet Your Unique Needs

Effective boards drive stronger business performance. With extensive experience across strategy, risk management, culture, legal, regulatory and audit, our evaluations are insightful, pragmatic and immediately actionable.

The Board

We offer solutions for independent external board reviews across all types of organisations – and also for your internal reviews.

Board Committees

We bring unique specialist expertise in all areas of board committee work, enabling deeper dives and actionable insights.

Groups & Subsidiaries

We help complex groups make sure subsidiary boards are working well and that local entity boards meet regulatory and good governance standards.

With decades of experience, our team understands what makes boards work better.

Over 400 Board Effectiveness Reviews Globally


Reviews of FTSE 100 companies


Full interview-based reviews


Reviews for financial services companies


Externally facilitated via Thinking Board

Audit Effectiveness and Risk Management

Our experience extends beyond board evaluation to help you evaluate audit and risk management. We have the deep, specialised knowledge required for reviewing the effectiveness of internal audit, external audit, and your risk framework and culture.

Board Effectiveness Guidance

Let us help build the right solution for your board.