Sector Expertise

Decades of experience supporting boards in specialised industries

Financial Institutions, Pension Funds, Public Sector

Independent Audit brings deep expertise to meet the needs of our clients in specific industries and sectors.

We have worked extensively with regulated financial institutions. We understand the perspective of pension fund trustee boards and the needs of boards of public sector and publicly-owned organisations.

Financial Institutions

We bring deep expertise in improving board performance in financial institutions. We’ve worked with many types of banks and insurance companies at listed company and subsidiary levels.

We will look closely at how your board and committees are working in the regulated context. We’ll focus on how the board is dealing with core regulatory requirements around capital, solvency, and resolution and recovery; risk management including risk culture; and the board’s balance of time and focus on regulatory versus strategic performance issues.

Pension Funds

We help pension fund trustees get an in-depth understanding of the effectiveness of their Trustee Board.

We’ll factor in specific requirements of trustees. And we’ll look closely at angles such as investment oversight, provider delivery, member interaction and board dynamics. We draw on years of experience with FTSE-listed and public sector clients, helping the trustees apply good practice in other types of boards to the work of the Trustee Board and we understand the specific requirements of trustees.

Public Sector

Clients value our ability to look at their specific responsibilities and context while helping them to comply with the standards applying to them, such as the UK Code of Corporate Governance and Cabinet Office Governance Code. At the same time, we help apply good practice we see across boards in many sectors.

We place a strong focus on how the board oversees public money, assures itself on financial controls, sets the strategy, and holds executives to account.

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