Group & Subsidiary Evaluations

Group and subsidiary board evaluations to strengthen governance company-wide

Insight into Complex Governance Structures

Subsidiary boards and committees are becoming more central to governance.  In part, it’s in response to local regulatory and compliance requirements. But it’s also about giving the top-level board extra confidence that things are under control across the business – and that local regulatory demands are being met.

We understand the particular angles of subsidiary board work from both a regulatory perspective and how they work within the group governance framework.

Our independent, interview-based reviews follow the same approach as our standard board evaluations. But we adapt our analysis to look from a group and subsidiary perspective.

Or you can go the questionnaire-based route, with specialist questionnaires helping you look at the Board’s work from a subsidiary governance viewpoint, as well as a detailed look at the Audit Committee and Risk Committee.

Group Review

Ideal for group governance functions who need to get a picture of board effectiveness across subsidiary boards and committees.

Thinking Board provides an integrated picture with powerful analytics. Our questionnaires are easy to customise. Each subsidiary can run their own review or add specific questions.

Subsidiary View

Ideal for subsidiary boards who want to think through their effectiveness taking into account their specific role in the group governance structure.

We work with subsidiary boards through interview-based evaluations or using our subsidiary-specific questionnaires on the Thinking Board platform.

Framework Evaluations

Ideal for groups who want to get a picture of how different areas of the governance framework are working. We can look at specific policy areas, different aspects of control, compliance or risk management.

We use the Thinking Board questionnaire platform and help you develop effective questions as well as provide administrative support.

Questionnaire-Based Evaluations

All Independent Audit questionnaire-based evaluations are powered by Thinking Board, our proprietary industry-leading board evaluation system. Thinking Board draws on our deep understanding of the critical drivers of board effectiveness and our specialist insight into subsidiary board governance.

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