“We wanted to make sure our internal board review delivered genuine value and Independent Audit helped us achieve that. We had a lot of positive feedback from NEDs on the process and the final report generated a really good conversation at the Board which will lead to meaningful improvements.”

Jason Elphick
Group General Counsel and Company Secretary

“I was delighted to have Independent Audit facilitate our internal board review using their Thinking Board platform. We benefited from their expertise and prior knowledge of the firm. The board found the report balanced, thought-provoking and enjoyable. It exceeded our expectations of what can be achieved with an internal review.”

Taryn Jones
Deputy Company Secretary

“The whole process of our review with Independent Audit was sensible, focused, and constructive.  The directors felt they could be open and honest, and the review resulted in a very clear and balanced view of the Board’s effectiveness.”

Peter Clarke


“We were particularly drawn to Independent Audit because they offered a flexible approach tailored to our particular requirements – I would choose them again for that reason. The whole process ran very well and the report provided several key suggestions for development which provoked a profitable discussion at the Board.”

Anna Bradley

“We were impressed by IAL’s experienced team,  and the benchmarking afforded by their substantial work with FS clients. A 3-year board review programme felt like the right choice for us: it allowed us to use Thinking Board in year one to assess where the Board stood after a number of membership changes. The report summarised key themes effectively and drew out several priority development points which gave the Board confidence to implement several changes in the way it works.”

Selena Pritchard
Company Secretary

“We were looking for a board performance reviewer who understood the world of Lloyd’s Managing Agents and could also bring a breadth of perspective from other contexts. The review delivered exactly what it promised, providing practical, straightforward suggestions that were tailored to our situation.”

Lawrence Holder

“We wanted our board review this year to build on the previous one and Thinking Board® provided us with both like-for-like comparison and fresh content that covered new developments. The process was clear with excellent support and the report provided the board with valuable insights. The Independent Audit team were professional, experienced and very easy to work with.”

Diane Bennett
General Counsel and Company Secretary

“Independent Audit’s automated online platform was really easy to use and very efficient in terms of the minimal time required to administer. The generated report was very helpful in that, beyond fulfilling compliance needs, it stimulated a worthwhile board discussion. When you consider the amount of CoSec time saved, the simplicity of the process and the quality of the report, it really is excellent value for money and a significant improvement on anything we could undertake internally.”

Clare Hollingsworth

“We really appreciated IAL’s flexible approach to the review process. They worked with us to design a process that worked for the Company. The report was succinct and to the point, confirming many things we already knew and helpfully drawing out a few we didn’t. Overall, it was a very worthwhile experience that provoked valuable discussion at the Board.”

Paul Barrett
General Counsel and Company Secretary

“As a small, public sector organisation, we wanted a board performance reviewer who would understand our specific situation and well as offering insights from a full spectrum of companies. Independent Audit delivered everything we hoped for, providing helpful examples of good practice that helped us draw up our own development plan.”

Andy Lester
Head of Strategy

“We just wanted to say thank you for the excellent piece of work on the Board evaluation. The summary captured the Board’s attention and we sense a commitment to the prioritisation and implementation of the recommendation. Thank  you for the significant effort that you both put in- please know you have made a difference and it is appreciated.”

Debbie Hewitt


“Independent Audit were recommended to us for their candid, strategically-orientated approach. The team not only demonstrated all the right skills and expertise, but also a good understanding of our specific situation as a private company. They asked intelligent questions that pinned down the important issues for us and the final report really helped the Board get clear on next steps for development.”

Nate Ganfield
Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary