Board Evaluations

We help boards work better

Forward-Looking and Actionable Board Evaluations

We help boards make complex organisations perform better for directors, employees and all stakeholders. We bring proven approaches to board evaluation to meet your needs at every stage of the evaluation cycle. Whatever the approach, the goal is to help your board make a positive difference in how your organisation performs.

We provide an expert independent view through our externally facilitated evaluations:

Interview-based Evaluations

Our comprehensive interview-based approach gives you exceptional insight into how your board is working.

We provide expert board paper review and meeting observation.

Our reports offer a roadmap of actions that you can immediately move on. We look forward. It’s about board development, not just compliance.

Designed for boards who want to get deeper value from their three-year external evaluation. Or for boards facing critical governance issues or regulatory demands.

Questionnaire-based Evaluations

Using in-depth questionnaire-based approaches and expert analysis, we provide insightful and comprehensive externally facilitated board reviews.

We manage the process from end to end.

We provide rich final reports and analysis with clear next steps to move your board forward.

Designed for boards who want a thorough external review without an interview process.

Plus support for better internal reviews

All our questionnaire-based evaluations are powered by Thinking Board, our proprietary, industry-leading board evaluation system. Thinking Board is grounded in a deep understanding of the critical drivers of board effectiveness.

If you want to manage your own internal review, we provide opportunities for self-assessment using the Thinking Board platform. We’ll also provide support and analysis of your results.

Thinking Board® Evaluator

Thinking Board® Evaluator is the digital board evaluation system we’ve created to enable boards to conduct effectiveness self-assessments quickly and confidently completely online. Easy to use, efficient and secure – it significantly reduces your time and investment by taking all coordination, analysis and reporting online. The questionnaire is short and simple but covers the key angles. And the report is ready for your board at the click of a button.

Our goal with Thinking Board® Evaluator is to make sure any board—regardless of location, size or maturity—can benefit from an effective, impactful evaluation, whether for a first time review, to refresh your board’s approach, or to get a quick but useful assessment.

Committee & Individual Director Evaluations

The work of the committees is critical to the board’s effectiveness. We provide deep, interview-based independent evaluations, as well as thought-provoking questionnaire-based approaches that let you gain a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of your committees. And our questionnaire system Thinking Board enables easier individual director performance reviews.

Groups & Subsidiaries

Subsidiary boards and committees are becoming more central to governance in response to local regulatory and compliance requirements. Independent Audit’s group solution is designed to give the group board extra confidence that things are under control across the business – and that local regulatory demands are being met.

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