Internal & External Audit

Helping the Audit Committee assess audit effectiveness

Maintain Confidence in the Audit Approach

We are leading providers of internal audit effectiveness reviews (External Quality Assessments). We offer a view of how Internal Audit is helping the organisation perform, not just a picture of compliance against standards.

We help your Audit Committee assess the effectiveness of the external audit process in a structured, rigorous way. So you get better insight and fuller confidence as you meet the responsibility to make an assessment.

Internal Audit Effectiveness Review

Get a strategic view on how your internal audit process and function are working. We put a lot of emphasis on leveraging Internal Audit’s work to help management make better decisions.

From a combination of questionnaires, document review and interviews, you will get a strategic view, not a standards-driven check. We will check your work against standards, but that’s not our starting point. Our report will be led by practical suggestions on how an Internal Audit can work better with the business.

We are a real alternative to other providers of EQAs – with a different approach.

External Audit Effectiveness Review

Help your Audit Committee meet its requirement to evaluate the external audit process – and do so in a more structured and insightful way. As former auditors, we know what an audit looks like from the inside. So, you’ll understand better what is happening and what needs to go well.

We evaluate how well the auditors and organisation work together to identify opportunities for a better audit. We do that by listening to stakeholders and the people who interact with the auditors, through questionnaires and interviews.

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