Risk & Compliance Evaluations

Helping boards assess effectiveness and impact

A Strategic View

We help boards judge the effectiveness of different aspects of risk management and compliance, looking at the impact not just the processes and structures.

Whether that’s the committee looking at how frameworks are working, or the Board knowing it’s asking the right questions. Our evaluations are built on our decades of experience in audit, risk and compliance. We work with you to create the right assessment for your situation.

Risk Management Effectiveness Review

Get a picture of the impact risk management is having on the performance of the organisation. We help the board and committees understand how far the risk framework is effective – so we look from the governance and the strategic perspective.

Risk Governance Effectiveness Review

See how well the Board looks at the strategic risks, how much risk to take, integrates risk appetite into strategic thinking and performance monitoring, gets a picture of the risk profile, and assesses the effectiveness of risk management.

Cyber Risk Effectiveness Review

Check that your board is asking the right questions and identifying where you need to know and do more. You don’t need to be experts, but you do need to be confident that you are covering the ground fully.

Our board cyber questionnaire – put together with Cobweb Cyber – helps you know.

Risk Culture Review

Understand the strength of your risk culture by looking at how people operate day to day in working with their teams and colleagues to manage risk. Through a Thinking Board® survey we give you a picture of how it is working in practice on the ground.

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