Committee Evaluations

Getting the best out of board committees

Committees are Critical to Effectiveness

We have deep specialist expertise across the board committees. We understand the importance of committees to the board’s effectiveness. Our reviews help you to get rich insights and focused, practical suggestions.

Interview-based Committee Reviews

In our regular interview-based board evaluations, we look specifically at each committee, through interviews, paper review and meeting observation.

We also undertake “deep dive” reviews into the work of Audit Committee and Risk Committees.

Self-assessment with Questionnaires

Or our thought-provoking and specific questionnaires let you gain deeper understanding of the effectiveness of your committees.

Our standard Thinking Board® questionnaires contain sections specific to each committee. Or you can opt to use “deep dive” questionnaires to assess their work in more detail.

Reports can be separated to enable each committee to focus on its own evaluation and development points.

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