Our board review approach

We help boards work better

We look at many aspects of effectiveness which centre around some key themes:

  • Are the people and processes in place to enable effective oversight by the Board and its Committees?
  • Are constructive relationships and culture underpinning the processes?
  • Are you doing the right things to drive accountability, values and standards?
  • Does the Board have the right impact and bring the expected value?
  • Is the Board set up to support the organisations’ future development in a changing landscape?

Our board review process

  • Pulling together initial views using our online governance platform Thinking Board®
  • Interviewing board directors, the Company Secretary and the key executives*
  • Reviewing documents and observing meetings of the Board
  • Discussing the draft report with the Chair and the final report with the Board
  • Helping plan development steps and options, and keeping in touch with you to support your development

* This describes our fullest-scope approach.  The balance between the number – if any – of interviews and the depth and extent of Thinking Board® can vary, depending on what best meets our clients’ needs.

How it feels

  • Supportive and challenging, with practical suggestions around key priorities
  • A process that is engaging and enjoyable, facilitating change
  • Actionable report that are about you, not just about codes and compliance
  • Insight into board practices from a wide range of boards

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