It’s time to take stock: looking ahead to 2024

It’s time to take stock: looking ahead to 2024

It’s time for us to stick our necks out again and suggest the “hot topics” for boards in 2024. What strikes us this year is that the list is mainly about the intensification of issues that are known and already with us. That brings the danger that boards might slip into thinking “we’re already dealing with this” when in fact the challenges and implications are changing. So some rigorous self-checking and taking stock will make sense. And for some of the topics, asking: do we need some specific training here for the NEDs? Because it seems that boards are having to enter new territories where past experience is less likely to help. So as an overall message for next year we say, “Take a fresh look!”

We wish all of our readers greetings for the season and best wishes for a successful and healthy 2024.

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