Podcast: Considering Culture

Podcast: Considering Culture

What boards need to consider for a future-fit organisation

With Sarah Gillard of A Blueprint for Better Business

As organisations navigate these times of unprecedented change, culture has never been more important. Because it’s the people in an organisation who have to work out how to make it thrive in the future.

Our latest podcast features Sarah Gillard, CEO of Blueprint for Better Business. Sarah is a passionate advocate for the role of culture in creating businesses able to withstand the challenges of current times. We spoke to her about the board’s part in setting and sustaining a culture where people, as well as profits, flourish.

The discussion addresses some key questions, including:

  • Is regulation a help or a hindrance in promoting positive cultural change?
  • How can the board get a genuine perspective on day-to-day culture?
  • How can the board approach the sensitive subject of remuneration?
  • What should boards consider when succession planning?
  • Authenticity in reporting: how much is too much?

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