Webinar: Addressing ESG

Webinar: Addressing ESG

Finding a meaningful way for boards to address ESG

September 2022

While ESG is a current hot topic for all boards, the way in which they are defining and addressing it differs wildly. What should boards be doing to build a meaningful definition of ESG that is relevant to their organisation? How can boards incorporate ESG considerations into their general accountability for the long-term stewardship of the organisation? How can they have realistic, informed discussions that, besides addressing the inevitable challenges, allow them to find the benefits in addressing ESG and ultimately position their organisations to contribute to building a better world?

In this webinar, Susan Stenson and Sir Kenneth Olisa OBE explored:

  • The importance of getting the right governance structure and equipping the board to be able to provide effective oversight of ESG.
  • How the Board can bring together existing elements of oversight to gain a clear picture of where the organisation currently stands on ESG and where its gaps may be.
  • Why it is vital to integrate ESG with purpose, risk and strategy, rather than treating it as a separate concern.
  • The importance of the Board being able to tell its own ESG story to underpin and support reporting obligations.

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