Webinar: Questionnaires or Interviews?

Webinar: Questionnaires or Interviews?

Questionnaires or Interviews? Building a board review that works for you.

July 2022

When governance professionals are choosing between questionnaires or interviews for their board review, they needn’t think they’re choosing between a deeper or lesser insight. Questionnaires provide a different angle to explore your board’s effectiveness – and they don’t have to be reserved for your internal review.

In this webinar, we explored how you can structure your board review around a questionnaire that provides an in-depth and practical look into what your board thinks about itself. Our in-house experts showed how you can use Independent Audit’s Thinking Board® platform to build a powerful board review which works for you and your board, without compromising on the insight. Their discussions included:

  • Why you might choose a questionnaire as the centre of your review
  • What you should be looking for to ensure you get the best possible insight for your board
  • How a questionnaire approach can be adapted for a variety of different contexts be that your first internal review, an externally-facilitated review or even for large groups and their subsidiaries.

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