Webinar: The Future of Stewardship

Webinar: The Future of Stewardship

The Future of Stewardship

February 2023

Relationships between directors are shifting as expectations on boards change. It has never been more important for boards to understand their stewardship responsibilities.

So what do individual directors and boards need to do when it comes to stewardship? Do we need to change our expectations? What can boards do to help create a more positive future? And is there a way to establish a productive dialogue about what needs to happen?

In this webinar, Susan StensonDeborah Gilshan, and Franziska Jahn-Madell lead a thought-provoking discussion in which they explored:

  • The current stewardship landscape: what’s changed, how we got here, and what we might expect next.
  • What directors and investors each say about the current situation.
  • Real-life stories that illustrate issues faced by both sides.
  • Some practical suggestions for finding a positive path forwards.

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