Decision-making in virtual meetings: Checklist

Decision-making in virtual meetings: Checklist

Be extra vigilant preparing the agenda and pre-read material

  • Stick to the essential discussions – and focus the agenda
  • Eliminate long verbal presentations
  • Make sure the pre-read papers are clear on what is being asked of the Board
  • Check the legal formalities for your meeting (quorum requirements, location?)

Check the technical logistics

  • Include a video link and encourage all participants to be in “Video On” mode
  • Ask all participants to join in 5-10 minutes before the start
  • Try out the document sharing facility if needed

Set the ground rules

  • Instruct participants to: wear headphones; prepare their own meeting environment (lighting, camera angle, Wifi connection, check security/confidentiality)
  • Instruct participants to: use mute; turn off video if leaving room; take calls elsewhere
  • Take a roll call and help everyone know who is present and who has joined
  • Secure the meeting: check on joiners, keep flagging up confidentiality
  • Set out the rules on how to intervene
  • Define use of chat box or simple oral question to allow questioning
  • Work out mechanism for voting/indicating clearly agreement or dissent

For the Chair

  • Call on individual directors more for their inputs
  • Stop periodically to take the temperature of the meeting
  • Include comfort breaks – and encourage using them to interact socially
  • Encourage participants be respectful, present, and engaged if bad behavior appears
  • Check with participants after the meeting on how they felt it went

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