Learn More About Thinking Board

Learn More About Thinking Board

Save time with our board evaluation software

Our pre-prepared self-assessment questionnaires are designed to ask the right questions in the right way and save you time in the process.

The structure of the questions encourages additional comments, allowing respondents to explain what’s underlying their scores.

This helps you to understand the root of any issues and to identify what needs to be improved.

Use a proven method to collect thoughtful responses

If you’re new to board evaluations, they may feel awkward or daunting, and you likely won’t get the best results.

Using our board evaluation questionnaire software, Thinking Board®, questionnaires can be easily sent to board members and executives.

Our secure board evaluation questionnaire software can be completed online, from anywhere.

Actionable insights to improve board performance

In just a few clicks, you can prepare information for presentation or analysis and easily get an overview of how the Board is performing.

Using the results, you can create reports showing bar charts, scores, comments and more. Compare results between different types of respondents to understand where people are most and least aligned, and why.

Understanding the strengths, weaknesses and gaps in the skill sets of the Board allows you to implement immediate change and ultimately drive more value for the organisation.

Board evaluation expertise at each step of the way

Using our self-assessment questionnaire, you can take control of the board evaluation process and “go it alone”.

Alternatively, we can provide support to make it even easier for you. Our group of board effectiveness specialists work with you and are on call for any and all board evaluation questions, from training to help desk support.

We make board evaluations easy by providing you with the required software and team.

To learn more about Thinking Board®, contact Remneek Sangar at remneek.sangar@independentaudit.com.

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