Short Video Series: Getting Risk Right

Short Video Series: Getting Risk Right

Resources to support your Board’s risk oversight and reporting

At Independent Audit, we have both deep risk expertise and unsurpassed experience gained from hundreds of board reviews over more than 20 years. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to support boards in making practical improvements to their risk oversight.

We recently concluded our email series of six 2-minute videos on risk management. Recipients told us these bitesize videos are an excellent alternative to a longer webinar, making our ‘refreshing and positive’ approach easy to share within your organisation. To make this even simpler, we have made the whole series available below.

Each video identifies three things that most often go wrong and what to do to make things work better:

      1. The Risk Committee discussion: what does it need it be about?
      2. The Risk Committee papers: what should these look like?
      3. How should the Board be discussing the risks?
      4. The Board papers:  how should the risks be captured?
      5. Risk culture: what should the Risk Committee be doing?
      6. Risk management effectiveness: what should the Risk Committee review look like?

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