Webinar: Subsidiary Board Governance

Webinar: Subsidiary Board Governance

Subsidiary board governance: getting it right.

October 2022

It’s complicated being on a board of a subsidiary – or supporting a subsidiary board as a company secretary or management team. Oversight needs to work well within a group structure and matrix, and regulatory demands must be balanced with the reality of working at subsidiary level.

At Group level, it can be a challenge to know how effectively the subsidiary boards are working. It can make a big difference to the quality of governance and risk management, and it’s increasingly important in convincing the regulators that things are under control.

In this webinar for directors and company secretaries, Richard Sheath and Jeremy Small of Independent Audit discussed:

  • How to tackle the peculiar characteristics of subsidiary boards –  what to look out for and how to make them work better
  • How to make the “two way street” between Group and subsidiary board work well
  • How to assess the effectiveness of subsidiary boards individually and across a group.

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